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“Actresses Claiming They Were Raped in the Industry Should Shut Up”- Actress, Peju Johnson Drops New Bomb

Peju Johnson is one of the pretty actresses currently dominating the Yoruba movie industry. The Ile-Ife, Osun State-born diva delved into acting in 2016 after she returned from Egypt where she has been since, doing her Fashion business. In an exclusive interview with www.yorubamoviegist.com Publisher, GBOLAHAN ADETAYO, the damsel spoke at length on how she joined the industry, her challenges, the rape allegations currently going in the industry, among others. Enjoy it:

Tell us more about yourself…..
I am Peju Johnson by name, a nollywood actress and a business woman. A native of Ile-Ife, Osun State.

What kind of business do you do?
I am into women’s wears, shoes and all that.

How did your journey into acting start?

It all started a few years back when i was in Egypt. (That was where i was living before i relocated here in 2016) TAMPAN has a branch there, so i was part of them and i featured in a few movies too. So, i returned to Nigeria in 2016 to strengthen my skills and since then, I have never relented.

How did you join?
I joined through a brother in Egypt who was part of TAMPAN over there. I featured in his movie and the rest is now history. Lawori is his name.

What really influenced you before you joined?

Actually, Acting is part of my dreams and it’s what i really have passion for. Back then in secondary school, i was part of a drama group in my school , so we do stage dramas and all, there was a time some actors came to my school to shoot a movie and they needed few student to act in their movie, i was picked and i love the role i played.

Since you joined, how can you describe the journey so far?
Well, it has not been easy , but I’m trying my best and doing the best i can.

Share with us some of the difficulties you are facing in the industry?

I’m really not facing difficulties. What I mean when i said it has not been easy is actually the locations and all.

How about it?
Somehow stressful! Not being easy but i’m trying. Its so demanding and It can be exhausting.

What is that unforgettable experience you ever got in the job?
Oh, that was a bad experience! I was leaving location at a very late hour one day and my car got spoilt on third Mainland bridge, you should know how scary that place can be at late hours.

How did you get over it?
After spending many hours stranded, help finally came through an Unkown man. I later got over it but it was a scary experience.

How many movies have you featured in?
I can’t even remember.

Which one gave you the breakthrough?
Let me say Widow, I played the role of Mercy Aigbe’s sister in the movie. It was a semi-lead role. The story is about a lady that lost her husband, thereafter so many unexpected occurrences started happening to her. I played the role of a sister to the lady.

With the trend in the industry at the moment, what do you have to say about the word RAPE?
Rape is a very crazy and hurtful incident to happen to someone either male or female. It has been happening since i was young I have been hearing about it even till this moment. It just really need to stop. #SayNoToRape. I am not talking about the desperate ladies in the industry, that genuinely gave their body to men like (Directors ,Producers and all) then come out to say they were Rape . Those ones need to shut up, I am talking about the innocent ladies who were molested and used without their consent.

Have you ever been harassed sexually in the industry?
No and it will never happen to me.

What really influences your mode of dressing?
Lol.. let me say that is who i am, my mode of dressing is me, i am my mode of dressing, since i was young my mode of dressing never changed. I have been like that since I was much younger.

Are you married?
No but I had a relationship earlier. It’s complicated anyways, but pretty soon i will walk down the aisle.

Who is the lucky man?
I just said it’s complicated and pretty soon i will find someone to marry.

Are men not coming for you?
Lol. A lot But I’m not rushing. I can’t say because lots of men are coming for me now I should make a wrong choice.

What are the qualities you want in your man?
Loyalty, Caring, most importantly a God fearing man because if a man has the fear of God he wouldn’t treat you bad. That is a man with conscience.

Share with us your educational background….
I attended secondary school in my state, at kingswill College Ile Ife. And University at ESTG University Benin.

What is ESTG and which course?
Ecole Supierieure Technologie et de Gestion, Cotonue.

Source: http://www.yorubamoviegist.com/actresses-claiming-they-were-raped-in-the-industry-should-shut-up-actress-peju-johnson-drops-new-bomb/

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